Top Benefits/Advantages of using SAAS

Top Benefits/Advantages of using SAAS

in February 12, 2020

What is SaaS?

SaaS means Software as a Service, which is remotely governed and delivered and can be accessed with the help of any web browser or a mobile device that you prefer. SaaS has many names – ASP (Application Service Provider) Service, Software on demand, or service in the cloud. All these terms refer to the IT services that are built on a shared framework via the cloud and are set up over the internet for access. You can purchase and download this software easily from the cloud.

How Important is the Cloud?

Almost a decade ago, not many businesses were using cloud technology as it was new and not many people knew about its potential. As per the records, only 12% of businesses were on cloud-apps in 2008. But with its growing demand and benefits, businesses have now started focussing on the cloud to enhance their productivity. It has the capability to make your business grow by 20% in the cloud, as compared to otherwise. It has also been found that the maximum IT spending in 2019 was towards cloud computing policies. Due to this, all those companies are earning good profits and by 2020, around 75% of businesses will almost completely move to SaaS.

Who Uses SaaS Applications?

One thing is sure that SaaS applications are suitable for anyone. Whether you are an email marketer, have a small to medium-sized organization, etc. you can use SaaS applications. Multiple users can access the SaaS database anytime and anywhere.  An email marketer will use a subscription-based model to send emails to its clients. A medium-sized business will have SaaS as a cost-effective solution for maintenance. 

The best part about using SaaS is that you do not need a high-end computer to access SaaS database, or need an It expert to save your business data in the Cloud. You can do all this by being at your home using a computer with internet access and a web browser.

Benefits of using SaaS


SaaS applications can easily be integrated into other software like Dropbox, Gmail, etc. You can also customize SaaS applications, which means you can keep on using the software as it can be easily integrated with SaaS solutions. This is one of the main advantages of SaaS applications which attracts businesses of all types.


The scalability of SaaS applications is excellent and efficient, due to which companies which have moved to Cloud are learning how to scale quickly. A SaaS model can easily be scaled up without external requests and testing. There is also no need of changing the framework of the mechanism or installing any extra software for this purpose. This is the main reason why industries are going towards the SaaS model.


SaaS model is very easy to maintain because it does not require you to upgrade or install any hardware. These things can be costly and also require proper administration. Plus, there is no need to hire IT, experts, while using SaaS, this, in turn, means a reduction in your expenses and maintenance costs. This implies that start-up businesses will benefit a lot from the SaaS model. Having an easy-maintenance software is surely a boon for any industry. 


When people hear about Cloud and the data being all over the internet, they feel it is not safe. And every business’ main concern is security. But, with SaaS, you do not have to worry about this as the SaaS vendor is responsible for keeping your data safe and secure at all times. 


The ideal thing about SaaS applications is that they work on pay-as-per-your-needs, and do not involve high direct fees. You can subscribe to any SaaS application on a monthly or yearly basis. When you buy hardware or other software for your business, they involve a lot of money, plus they incur other costs like hiring the team and managing the resources. But, SaaS models are low-cost options that are perfect for your budget and functioning. 


Now comes another important advantage of SaaS applications. The worst nightmare of businesses is the downtime because a downtime of even 10 minutes can waste a lot of their money. But, with SaaS applications being on Cloud, 24×7, there is no downtime. Almost 99.9% of the times SaaS applications do not have a downtime. As far as you have a good internet connection and a running web browser, your work will not come to a halt at any time.


It is evident that SaaS has many benefits for every business. It has gained a lot of importance across the world due to its advantages for all kinds of business. The businesses have now realized its value and also the monetary benefits it offers. Its popularity has become manifold owing to its services and advantages. With such less investment, you get huge returns plus you save a lot. And any business would want that. It is the most flexible and safe service which will help you go a step ahead of your competitors in every way. So, whether you have an established business or you are just starting-up, SaaS applications will help you sail through several things and establish you as a successful contemporary in the current market.

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